Fiberglass Production

We currently own two fiberglass production facilities that encompass nearly 100,000 square feet of space. We utilize our facilities to supply component parts to a wide array of sectors including RV, light duty truck, delivery truck fleet, farm tractor, transit bus, and the marine industries. We manufacture all shapes and sizes of parts, from Class A front and rear caps, to fenders, fleet truck engine hoods, dashes, counter tops, running boards, and doors among other product types.

Our open molded lamination process includes gel coating your parts, which can be matched to any color you require. We also gel coat in sandable primer, allowing you or your customer the freedom to paint the parts as you see fit. The molds can be individual or multiple piece molds to make the part to your exact requirements and design needs.

Altec has significant experience working with parts that require exacting specifications. Through the use of production fixtures and equipment we can ensure that each piece meets your final needs each and every time.

We take pride in our work and provide quality parts at competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about our processes or capabilities, please contact us.