Our Process

Our design department will work directly with the customer to develop and provide conceptual designs and renderings as a base to begin the design process. While we can simply provide a number of renderings of what we understand your needs to be, Altec usually takes a more collaborative approach. We prefer to send our design engineer to your facility to work with your sales and engineering personnel on concepts and ideas that you have. Whether this requires a few hours or a week, the final results are always exactly the product that you want. While we only require generic input, such as the hardware or windshield to be used, we want the customer to be as involved as they would like to be to ensure we develop the perfect design for their product.

If the customer already has a conceptual design, we can create the solid model and make any adjustments that are necessary working closely with your engineering team. Altec uses a host of software packages during the design process to ensure that we can share the designs between our companies.

Altec also has business relationships with a wide array of vendors to assist you in selecting the correct and most cost effective structural and component parts for your end product.

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